Da Vinci Painting Sells for Record Breaking Price



Leonardo da Vinci's long lost portrait of Christ 'Salvator Mundi' has sold for a record-smashing $450.3 million on Wednesday at Christie's in New York - more than double the old mark for any work of art at auction.

The painting, which once sold for just $60 at auction, fetched more than four times over the Christie's pre-sale estimate of about $100 million.   

'Salvator Mundi' - Italian for 'Savior of the World' - was purchased by an unidentified buyer bidding via telephone after a protracted bidding war that stretched to nearly 20 minutes at the New York auction house.  

I'm just going to say this... HOW???? Who spends $450 MILLION on one painting?? I get there are billionaires in the world literally burning their money to get rid of it, but this? I know Da Vinci is supposed to be some genius in the past and invented a flying machine or at least had sketches of one. But how do you spend $450,000,000 on a painting that looks sad AF? The art world confuses me. Whoever bought this could literally pay actors to pin themselves to a wall and reenact this thing (sounds way cooler if you ask me). Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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