Nazi Gets Knocked Out with the MASSIVE One Punch



A white supremacist wearing a swastika armband in Seattle was tracked down and knocked out after allegedly harassing a black man on a bus.

The unidentified Nazi was first spotted on Sunday afternoon while riding Seattle's D line bus where witnesses claimed he had been harassing another passenger. 

A photo of him sitting on the bus was quickly passed on to several anti-fascists who then used their Twitter and Facebook accounts to track him down in less than 90 minutes. 

He was eventually found on a street corner in downtown Seattle where he was filmed getting into a confrontation with several unidentified people.

Footage of the ordeal, which surfaced online moments later, showed the Nazi being struck directly in the face by a man wearing a gray sweatshirt. 

Moments before he was hit, he could be heard yelling: 'They deserve welfare.' 

After being knocked to the ground with a single punch, another man could be heard saying to him: 'Night, night.' 

One of the social media users who tracked the white supremacist congratulated the person who threw the punch. 

I'm so conflicted about this video. Not about the punch, that was one of the best one punches I have ever seen. Perfect connection and the guy went down like a sack of potatoes. The conflicted part comes from punching the Nazi. With all the horror conflicted on my family by the Nazis back in the day, you think I'd totally support this 100%. But technically it's illegal to punch someone on the street. Don't get me wrong he definitely deserved it... But I just feel if he's harassing people on the street you just have to call the police. Unless I'm crazy and this is totally okay... What do you think?

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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