K Mart Changes Name of "Plus Size" Branding to "Fabulous Size"



Kmart is getting rid of their "plus-size" label.

The department store chain's "plus-size" section will now be called "fabulously sized," Women's Wear Daily reports. In addition to the change in its stores, Kmart will also be extending sizes for all of their women's apparel.

Kelly Cook, the chief marketing officer for Kmart, told the publication that they had communicated with their members on social media. The members then told them that Kmart needed to have a "better assortment" and call the collection "something different."

So I'm not here really to make fun of this or anything like that at all. I actually think it's really cool they reached out to people through social media to see what they wanted. The reason why I am here is to predict the future. I guarantee it.. Give it a little bit of time and people are going to start complaining. "How come they are fabulous and we aren't" is just one example. I'm only trying to say there is no way to please everyone. So shoutout to Kmart for at least trying to make a difference!


Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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