College Girls Give Dorm Room CRAZY $2400 Makeover


Two college freshmen at Texas State University will be lounging in luxury this semester after giving their 16x16 square-foot dorm room an incredible makeover.

Skylar Bantz and Adeline Vela spent 10 hours decorating their dorm room in a residence that has the nickname of 'Scary' Sterry Hall. 

With the help of six other friends and family members they moved truck-fulls of furniture into the small space. 

The transformation wasn't cheap. The 18-year-old freshmen spent $1,200 each to get the room of their dreams.

Their new home is complete with a faux brick wall, two loft beds with customized headboards, white dressers, a TV, mini-fridge and coffee station, as well as two faux marble desks and a vanity.

Okay hoooooolllld up. What is everyone freaking out about?? $1200 each is nothing. I knew some girls back at my school that literally spent that on their bed alone. Sure their dorm looks cool and all, but come on this is pretty common now. And when I say common I mean for most people. I had the basic bed with desk and broken chair. The only decoration I had was a Kobe Bryant poster I pinned up. Oh and don't forget the cooler full of... Stuff.


Ah the good ol days hahahahah. Anyway, Daily Mail did this cool thing where you can see the before and after pics so check those out here...

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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