Taylor Swift is Suing Radio DJ for $1



Taylor Swift's not duking it out in court with the DJ who allegedly grabbed her butt for the money -- she's doing it to set an example for others to say NO to ass grabbing.

Taylor's in court Tuesday with her lawyer, who just said in opening statements ... Tay's only seeking $1 in her countersuit against former DJ David Mueller on principle -- because she believes what he did is assault. Swift's lawyer also told the courtroom ... Taylor's absolutely certain Mueller grabbed her butt and is going to declare it on the stand.

Mueller's attorney, however, says David "unequivocally denies" he touched Swift in an inappropriate way, and his career has been ruined by her butt grab allegations. He originally sued her, claiming she defamed him by saying he groped her rear end.

The trial began Tuesday after jury selection concluded with 2 men and 6 women being chosen. Mueller was just called as the first witness before court broke for lunch.

So the picture above is what is causing this whole mess. Taylor Swift is accusing the DJ of grabbing her butt while DJ claims Taylor Swift ruined his career. The only thing I can add to this is my experience as a radio DJ and I can see this from both sides. From the DJ side, a lot of times these pics happen so quick you just gather together and pose real quick. So your hand could accidentally end up somewhere you don't want it. Now the other side... I've never had this happen to me. I've taken hundreds of pics with artists and a lot of them have been super rushed and my hand has never ended up that low... EVER. So who knows, only the jury can tell us what they think. 

Also, what did TMZ think was going to happen?? Taylor Swift was going to sue the guy for $1 million? We make peanuts! She felt violated and she wants justice. 

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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