"Cash Me Outside" Girl Gets 5 Year Punishment



The "Cash Me Outside" girl will NOT be going to jail after pleading guilty to multiple charges last month ... 'cause the kid struck a plea deal and got probation instead.

Danielle Bregoli, who's 14, was sentenced to 5 years probation Tuesday in Delray Beach, FL after pleading guilty to 4 charges back in June -- including 2 counts of grand theft, possession of marijuana, and filing a false police report.

Other charges were reportedly dropped as part of her deal.

Danielle's legal trouble predates her appearance on "Dr. Phil" last September -- which she got famous from after dropping her signature catchphrase.

Unclear if she'll be facing charges for a separate incident ... where her pal allegedly chucked ice cream at a lady and set off a series of brawls in downtown Lake Worth, FL.

A judge ruled that Danielle would be allowed to complete her probation in California, where she's now living with her mom.

When I first saw the story I was like, "HOLY CRAP FINALLY SOME JUSTICE." Turns out it's just 5 years of probation. Look I don't want to wish bad on anyone but this girl really grinds my gears. It is 100% because I'm jealous of her fame but it's also because of the way she obtains it. I've seen the videos of her publicly berating her mom as well as getting in fights. And with each one she gets even more famous. Well, now she has 5 years of probation (all the charges were from BEFORE she became famous which is even crazier) that might keep her in check. But let's be honest, she'll probably do something crazy again very soon. 

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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