Group Therapy: Some Girl Has Been Telling My Friends We Dated

So let me set this up a little bit. I'm a single guy and since I've moved to San Diego, I've been on a few dates. For the most part all of them have gone well (very friendly and no animosity GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER). So it took me by surprise when I got these texts today...

Now after looking at the pic that I was sent, I do believe that the girl and I matched on Bumble. I don't exactly remember if we talked but I do know FOR A FACT we never went out. So I have no idea why she is making up that we went to some sushi place off Rosecrans... First off, everyone knows I go to Banbu Sushi in La Mesa (shameless plug because they pay and the food is amazing). So now I need advice on what to do... Do I call her out and tell her to stop? Or do I just let it go? Hit me up in the comments!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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