What's with all the Red Bathing Suit Posts


So this pic has been the only thing I have seen on my news feed for the past 24 hours (I may be following too many girls). Chances are, you've at least seen one of your friends post this on their Instagram account. As far I can tell, this all started when the clothing brand, "Sunny Co Clothing", posted this pic and then told everyone that if they repost it, they will get one of these red bathing suits in return. Well, it went viral. Literally every girl is reposting it. I watched as their Insta account went from 100k to over 700k in less than 24 hours. That is crazy viral. I've read that the pic was reposted over a million times.

Of course as soon as the "Sunny Team" realized this was going viral, they changed their stance. Originally they were donating a dollar to Alzheimer research with every repost. That quickly changed to "with every purchase". As nice as all this is, there is no way they can ship out this many bathing suits. Even though they claim they will be honoring it...

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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