"Cash Me Outside" Girl was in Another Fight... WITH WALMART!



Danielle Bregoli is going after Walmart for ripping off her catchphrase, and plastering it all over its merchandise without paying her a cent.

The "Cash Me Outside" girl's legal team -- yes, she has one -- fired a letter off to the retail giant demanding it pull all 15 articles of clothing -- including tees, tank tops and hoodies -- from its online store in the next 5 days.

If Walmart fails to do so, Danielle's team says it can expect to catch a lawsuit.

Danielle's lawyers also want to know how much dough Walmart's already made off the apparel -- presumably to get a cut. They're serious about protecting her slogan ... which, believe it or not, just earned her an MTV Movie Award nom in the "Trending" category.

I think the most offending part about this little situation is that the "Cash Me Outside" girl was actually nominated for an award. Now I know it's MTV and not the Oscars but still, HOW??? I don't know if it's because I'm jealous of her fame or what but I hate that this girl is famous. She started off as a funny meme but she is literally famous for disrespecting her mom and getting in fights. Well, now she's in a much bigger fight.

This is where I change my stance. As a business savvy person, I totally respect the fact that she is protecting her brand. Large retailers are always taking advantage so good for her for defending her terrible TERRIBLE brand and reputation. Okay, rant over!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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