The Real Party was in the MET Gala Bathroom


Soooooo, apparently you aren't allowed to smoke in doors. JK everyone knows that because it's 2017. Turns out smoking is even banned inside the bathroom at the museum.

Now normally, I would love this. Like I see myself doing this exact same thing as all these stars (minus the smoking cigs cuz that is gross af). You are practically forced by your publicist to get all dolled up and smile for the cameras so people can talk about you after seeing you at the big event. So what do you do? You go chill in the bathroom away from everything. Except... Everyone is in there. That's when it loses it's cool. Like you take one snap on the floor chilling and it's cool. Then the videos start getting recorded and now everyone's publicist is telling them to run to the bathroom and take selfies and it's no longer cool. If I'm there I immediately bail to the coat room. 

Oh and people aren't happy about the smoking and all that for people to see. I didn't want to include those so you can find the, here...

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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