Cops Spark Outrage After Arresting 10 Year Old Autistic Boy


John Haywood, who's just 10 years old, has autism. He doesn't like to be touched and has been known to have violent outbursts. He was expelled from his school and was completing the curriculum at home, but when his mother brought him in for some standardized testing, she got the shock of her life when the boy was arrested on the spot.

So thre is this story floating around about police arresting a 10 year Old autistic boy named John Haywood. Before I say anything, the police have a VERY difficult job and it's always necessary to dig deeper into the situation. In this case, they are catching a lot of heat... They arrested him because someone filed charges from an incident 6 months earlier!

The charges stem from an incident six months earlier in which John hit and kicked a professional at the school and may have threatened them. The victim of the violence says they pressed charges so that John's mother would get him additional help.

The only kind of experience I have with people who have autism is from when my grandma was alive. She worked with autistic individuals, and I saw first hand how tough it could be. One minute they could be having the time of their life and the next, total meltdown. So it seems a little weird to me that the cops would arrest this kid as opposed to having a professional who works with these kids come in. But you can watch the video for yourself and decide!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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