I Threw Out the First Pitch at the Padres Game... It was HORRIBLE!!!

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to throw out the first pitch at the Padres game. Now there is some controversy on how well the pitch went. Some are saying it was beautiful while others are saying I 'bounced" it. I blacked out from excitement so I have no idea. But I'll give you a little run down on how the day went. 

So, the Padres asked me to be there an hour before the start of the game. I thought, "Oh cool, they are going to give me time warm up." I haven't thrown a baseball in years so I definitely needed all the warm up I could get! Well, I was wrong. There was no warm up.

When I arrived, I signed in and was brought down to the field where I was put in a little section behind home plate with a whole bunch of other people that were part of the pregame ceremony. When some of the people found out I was throwing the first pitch, they started giving me suggestions. I heard everything from throw it as high as possible to as hard as possible. If I wasn't nervous before, I definitely was now.

I noticed some of the players from the Pads were talking to the CMO, whom I'm friends with, and decided I would go say hi to make it seem like I'm important. After getting more advice and shaking hands, it was time to step up. I was up right after the National Anthem which was even more nerve wrecking... HOW DO YOU FOLLOW UP SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SONG!!

Anyway, it was time. The people told me the guy was going to announce my name as I was walking so I should smile and wave to the camera. That's right up my alley so of course I knocked that part out of the park! 


I was then told he was going to say "Ethan, throw that pitch" and that was when I was supposed to do it. Only problem was... There was a lot of noise and I couldn't hear the guy. So I'm there standing on the mound waving and all of a sudden the camera guys yells "THROW IT". So of course I just chucked it at the plate. You can judge for yourself, the pith video is below!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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