Marathon Runner Thought She had Nothing Left... These Men Made her Day!


I can not tell you how bad I feel for this woman. Like to be almost there and then just have the legs give out, unreal. Even better though is the help she got! We seriously need more humans like this in the world! If you're too lazy to watch the video, here's a little blurb from viralnova below... 

If you've ever completed a marathon or half-marathon, you've probably felt that sudden dread when your legs just stop working.

Unfortunately for many, this tends to happen when the finish line isn't far away. One woman had almost made it at the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon when her legs started giving out. She was trying her hardest to walk the last stretch, but it was clear that she was hurting too much to go any farther. That's when two kind runners decided to give up shorter finish times to help her cross that line.

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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