Depressed Mom Gets Parking Violation, Then Judge Hears Her Son Just Died And Stuns Her


Holy crap. Like I don't even know what to say here... Every ticket that I have been given in the past has gone the same way. Some stiff cop (just doing his/her job) hands me the ticket and gets back in the cruiser and leaves. Sometimes there are reasons for why things happen, so I'm glad this judge took matters into his own hand! You can read a little blurb below!

In this stunning example of human kindness, one woman learns just how fast parking violations can add up. Judge Frank Caprio reads off numerous tickets amounting to hundreds of dollars but when he hears the special circumstances he pauses.

Andrea has lost a lot this year. Her son was murdered, she tearfully explains and then she was evicted from her home due to a social security payout mishap. Each parking ticket represented a time when she was frantically trying to change her situation. She reveals she’s now on anti depressants due to her hardships and is still paying off her son’s funeral.

You won’t believe what happens next as human compassion shines through. Watch the video above to find out what happens!

As seen on the ABC show Caught in Providence.

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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