Worst People in the Gym According to Trainers

Let me start by saying I NEVER go to the gym... Okay so maybe once in the past few months but that's practically nothing... So if you are going to the gym then shoutout to you. Having said that, even I know these people suck! Comment your friends that do this!

This survey was done by a health company in England. Here's the top results:

The woman who talks loudly on her cell phone.

The guy who leaves his huge weights all around.

The old man who sweats everywhere and doesn’t clean it up.

The lady who leaves her three-pound dumbbells on the treadmill.

The exercise-aholic who spends four hours on the elliptical.

The picture perfect Instagram model who traipses around the locker room in her thong and a belly chain.

The muscle dude who usurps the mirror.

The wannabe trainer who gives unsolicited advice.

Check out the full list here...

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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