Movie Star Pleads Guilty in Roommates Death

Not a power ranger NOOOOOO!!! So a little background real quick... Ricardo Medina (Power Rangers Samurai) was originally arrested for stabbing his roommate to death and it was all over a girl. There wasn't enough evidence so he was let go and has been walking free for the past year. That's not the case anymore though...

TMZ Reports:

Ricardo Medina Jr. -- one of the stars of 'Power Rangers Samurai' -- just pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter for stabbing his roommate to death with a sword.

Ricardo appeared in court Thursday in Lancaster and entered his plea. He remains behind bars without bail. Ricardo -- who admitted to using a sword in the killing -- is scheduled to be sentenced later this month.

TMZ broke the story ... Ricardo was rearrested back in January 2016 and charged with murder. He had previously been arrested but the D.A. kicked the case back to cops for more investigation.

He faces 6 years in prison.

My heart DROPPED when I saw this story. I've been getting so hyped for the new Power Rangers movie to come out and then all of a sudden I see a headline that says a Power Ranger just copped a plea deal in his roommate's death. I thought they were going to cancel everything cuz nobody wants to see a killer on the big screen. 

And how about the weapon of choice? The guy used a sword!! A "Conan the Barbarian" sword! It still is crazy to me that this was all allegedly over a girl. You can read the full story here... And yes, I do plan on seeing the new movie next week!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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