Another Hollywood Couple Calls it Quits!


We should have seen this coming. The new music... The new blonde hair... Katy Perry was coming out strong and hot and she's leaving Orlando Bloom in her wake. Now according to the Daily Mail, their "insiders" are saying the two never meant to get serious... I'm sorry but are we just going to forget those pics that surfaced of OB paddle boarding naked with Katy. You don't do that unless you plan on living a long life with that person. Okay so maybe that's just me and I thought these two were awesome together. WHATEVER! Katy if you're looking, I know of another equally as hot bachelor available in SoCal...


Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole is night host at San Diego's #1 Hit Music Station, Channel 93.3 FM. Listening weeknights 7p to midnight for the newest music, and the 9@9 countdown. Read more


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