Tamron Hall Bashes the Haters a Day After Quitting NBC


Tamron Hall ain't got time for the haters!! She's too busy having a good day. In case you didn't hear, Hall left NBC after it became clear Megyn Kelly was the new "it" lady. According to Radar Online, rumors started swirling that Tamron Hall was "difficult" to work with...

Indeed, sources told RadarOnline.com exclusively that her quitting both NBC and MSNBC was seen as a blessing by the some staffers.

“She was very difficult. She could have an attitude and was sometimes short and rude with the staff,” the source said. “If you were not Matt Lauer or talent, it could seem like she had no time for you.”

Of course those are just rumors from Radar Online and from the looks of it, Tamron is doing just doing fine and even donating stuff. Also check out the size of that walk in... She's doing alright! You can read the full story here...

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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