A New App Matches You with People Based on What You Hate!

It's finally here! The app that is going to solve the divorce problem. Now before you go saying I'm crazy, let me just tell you what this app is. The Hater app is like Tinder... You match with people and then get to talk with them. BUT, what makes this one so great. You match with people who hate the same thing as you! 

HuffPo Reports:

A new dating app called Hater, which publicly launches February 8th (yes, just in time for Valentine’s Day), takes the concept of matching people based on things they both like, and flips it on its head. So if you don’t like long walks on the beach, drinking pina coladas, and taking walks in the rain, Hater will find you someone who despises those very things too. 

The app allows users to swipe in four different directions to select whether they love, hate, like, or dislike a person, activity or concept.

Now back to that whole divorce thing.. Just think about it. Usually the love grows stale, the passion dies (sometimes there's cheating but we'll skip that) and the two people go their separate ways. Not anymore! We as humans will never stop hating things. I could have nowhere to be and I will still hate people who walk slow on the sidewalk. Just imagine matching with someone who shares that same hate. Now that's a bond that'll never break. Check out the Hater app here...  

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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