Woman Reunited with Childhood Dog Given up for Adoption

Nicole Renae got a puppy from her grandmother for her 10th birthday.  From that moment on Nicole and "Chloe" became inseparable.

4 years later, her father started working from home and had to give the dog away because of the distraction. Nicole became devastated after Chloe was given to their local humane society. As a child, there was nothing she could do. She was certain that she would never see her dog, Chloe, ever again.

At one point, Nicole even called the humane society to see what had happened to her dog. But no luck. She continued to keep Chloe in her thoughts as the years went on. 

8 years later, Nicole got married and started a family. This time, she wanted to adopt a dog to join her household so that her daughter could have a friend like Chloe.

She started looking around for a dog and came across a Facebook post about a senior dog who needed a home. As she looked closer, she noticed that this dog looked really familiar and was 11 years old, the same age that Chloe would be. As she read the post again, she noticed that this dog's name was ALSO "Chloe." What a coincidence! 

Nicole went to see the dog herself, thinking that is was just pure coincidence that this dog just happened to be named Chloe AND shared a few features with her previous dog. As soon as she saw the dog, the first thing it did was run up to her and started licking her face. 

Upon bringing the dog home, Nicole's mom wanted to make sure that this was indeed their old dog. So she contacted their veterinarian and was able to match the ID number of the microchip of this dog with their old dog. This was definitely their dog Chloe! 

Now, Nicole and Chloe have a lot of catching up to do. They were able to pick up where they left off.