Why Are Aliens Visiting Milwaukee?

Wisconsin residents and UFO enthusiasts worldwide are puzzled by what they saw on a live morning show broadcast

Ethan Cole was concerned over recent UFO sightings. Turns out, it wasn't the first time they've visited Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The live footage seen below was broadcasted around 4:43 AM on Fox 6 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The anchor was about to announce the upcoming stories for the show and noticed some lights that were shooting down from the sky, similar to how a bunch of meteorites would look when it was entering the earth's atmosphere. 

"Are those fireworks?" said Kim Murphy, one of the newscasters. 

"What the heck is that?" said her co-host.

Both anchors were just puzzled and shocked. What was it? They struggled to try to explain what it was while the live feed was going. 

Most viewers who saw the video on YouTube immediately pointed to one thing... "aliens, UFOs"

Another news reporter on Fox 6, Amy DuPont, suggested that they were just a "big flock of seagulls flying around." 

Another meteorologist on KEYC News 12 in Minnesota suggested that it could be the shutter speed of the camera that gives the "birds" a fading trail effect. 

Still, many netizens online are not buying it. Most of them are still leaning towards a "UFO" theory of sorts. Some are pointing out that "seagulls don't emit light when they fly."

Apparently, it wasn't the first time "UFOs" have visited Milwaukee. 

See below: