What Happens to Boiling Water in -41 Degrees?


YouTuber Jordan Grisham shared a video on what happens when you take boiling water outside in -41 degrees fahrenheit.

Yeaaah... it's pretty cold when THAT happens. That Polar Vortex is NO JOKE! Check out these pics/video below of other people on social media having fun (if that's the right word) with this cold front.

Photo: People walk on the sidewalk during snowy weather in Kingston, Ontario, on January 30, 2019. - In Canada, the icy temperatures -- stretching from Manitoba in the western Prairies region to the Atlantic seaboard -- prompted a rare 'hazardous' cold warning from the government. Environment Canada reported record-breaking snowfall at the Ottawa airport, where some 50 flights were canceled, with an accumulation of nearly a meter (more than three feet).An additional 200 flights were canceled at Toronto's airport. (Photo by Lars Hagberg / AFP)



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