What Happens Inside McKamey Manor?

What can you expect inside the McKamey Manor Horror House?If you're a Halloween horror fan who's thinking about signing the 10-page waiver to attempt to survive through a horror house like McKamey Manor, here's what you can expect. 

Yes, you will be traumatized. You'll be a changed person once you leave.You might get hurt and abused... physically and emotionally. No, the police won't be able to help you once you changed your mind about the no-holds-barred experience. Participants must show up to a set location where they are kidnapped using blindfolds and duct tape, and turned into hostages before being brought to a secret location. 

There is no safe word that will get you out once you're in if you sign up for the "no mercy" version of the experience. That means, as soon as you walk through the door, you belong to them and become their hostage for the next 8-hours. If you're over 21, you'll have to pass an extensive screening process, which involves a letter from a physician that proves you are of good mental and physical health, provide proof of medical insurance, and a drug test in order to even participate. Once you're in, it's completely up to the volunteer actors to let you out. If released, you'll be treated to cookies and a warm blanket to help calm you down. 

This is by far, the world's scariest haunted horror house. There's a high possibility that you'll need to book an appointment with your local psychologist if you even make it past the 8-hour experience. Are you still in? 

To date, no one has completed the 8-hour experience. Some visitors have tried to sue the owners of the McKamey Manor but to no avail. That 10-page waiver that they signed in order to experience the horror won't help them much when they change their minds. 

The actors are all volunteers and there is no charge to become a victim. Participants are asked to bring a few cans of dog food to donate to Operation Greyhound. Yes, it's all for charity.

What kind of stuff is inside the Manor?There is a different experience each and every time. 

Examples include traps where participants are forced to lay inside (not escapable) an eel trap where the victim is in 8 feet of water full of live eels. Yes, there's enough room at the top of the tank to breathe, but that's about it. 

There's also a 60-foot pool of water that victim can be submerged in (without a breathing apparatus) or a 25-feet high plank where a person would have to walk without a safety net or harness of any kind. 

This might or might not also include an experience where victims are forced to consume their own vomit or touch raw sewage. 

There is even a coffin filled with tarantulas and cockroaches where victims are locked in while a "gas" seeps into the box, all while you're trying to stay calm and not make any sudden moves. 

While guests are tied, they may sometimes get their face shoved into dirty water. 

Some guests are buried alive. Some are forced into a box with bees and wasps. Got an allergy? You're screwed.

You might even lose your hair. It may be ripped out of your scalp.

Guests are also force-fed rotted food. If you've got any food allergies or restrictions, you may not want to try this. 

Where is the McKamey Manor?This living nightmare house was originally located in San Diego, CA but is now in Huntsville, AL and Nashville, TN. Despite the horrors of the experience, the waiting list to participate is really long. We're talking thousands of people. Only 100 people get to experience McKamey Manor. 

Thousands Are Calling For McKamey Manor Shut Down  - Thumbnail Image

Thousands Are Calling For McKamey Manor Shut Down

VIDEO: This Haunted House Is So Scary You Must Sign Waiver! - Thumbnail Image

VIDEO: This Haunted House Is So Scary You Must Sign Waiver!

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