Underage Man Caught Using Fake McLovin' ID at Bar

Daniel Alfredo Burleson, 20, from Des Moines, Iowa, was arrested for drinking vodka, while underage, at the Airliner Bar in Iowa City.

When police searched his wallet, they found a (fake) 'McLovin' Hawaii ID, a prop used in the comedy, Superbad. The fake ID, which Burleson purchased from Amazon for under $7, featured a character named Fogell, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, listed the birth date of 06/03/1961. In the Superbad movie, Fogell uses his fake ID to buy alcohol from a liquor store.

Burleson is facing multiple charges which includes unlawfully possessing alcohol, possession of a fictitious license, being under the legal age in a bar, and public intoxication. He has a October 21, 2019 court date.

Daniel Alfredo Burleson

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