Things That Matter With Geena The Latina June 5th

A few very peaceful protests went down yesterday. One in Chula Vista and a much larger one that started in Hillcrest, marched through North Park, and then ended in Downtown San Diego. It started around 5pm and ended just after 10pm with a 8 minute and 46 second kneel right in front of the downtown police station. As soon as the police told the crowd to leave, they did. It was a very beautiful thing to see. Police said they had to arrest one person late in the evening for pointing lasers at a helicopter. However in a tweet, the police said the march was otherwise issue-free and wanted to the thank the public for participating peacefully. There is another protest scheduled for today in Escondido and a huge protest scheduled for tomorrow at Waterfront Park starting at 10am.

San Diego piers, boardwalks and other water areas are set to reopen next week. Mayor Kevin Faulconer made the announcement yesterday. 

The piers and boardwalks, Fiesta Island, East and West Mission Bay Park, and Balboa Park Central Mesa. All are set to reopen over the course of the next week. They all have different rules though.

— Monday: East and West Mission Bay Parks reopen for park and water uses, including parking lots to 100% capacity. Fiesta Island to reopen for pedestrians, dogs and cyclists.

— Tuesday: All city piers and boardwalks reopen

— Friday: Balboa Park Central Mesa reopens, all Balboa Park parking lots reopen to 100% capacity

Fiesta Island will remain closed to vehicles until July 6.

Visitors will continue to be asked to practice physical distancing and refrain from any active sports activities at the beaches.

Other businesses waiting to receive official word on when they can reopen include nail salons, wineries, hotels, pools and sport fishing.

Today is National Donut Day and in honor of it Dunkin Donuts is giving away free donuts today! To get the free doughnut you have to buy a beverage.

Krispy Kreme has been giving out free donuts all week and they will continue through today. 1 free doughnut per person. No purchase necessary there!

According to a new study, we're spending 19 hours a day looking at screens since the quarantine Started that total is larger than the number of hours you're awake because of times when you use two screens at once.

If you're saying, "Wait, I'm not awake for that many hours, how is that possible?" . . . it's because there are plenty of times we're looking at two screens at once, like when we're messing around on our phone or laptop while we watch TV.

However the average, before the quarantine was 17 hours and nine minutes a day.

The full breakdown for the average person is: 5 hours and 10 minutes a day on a laptop . . . 5 hours and 9 minutes of TV per day . . . 5 hours and 2 minutes on our phone . . . and 3 hours and 45 minutes on a gaming device. 

The survey also found 60% of people have argued with their significant other about screen time . . . and three in four feel hypocritical for trying to limit their kids' screen time. 

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