Things That Matter With Geena The Latina June 4th

Protests continued last night in Ocean Beach and in other cities across the county. They were a bit smaller last night however they are supposed to continue into the weekend. Meanwhile, National Guard troops arrived in La Mesa yesterday.The National Guard was requested by the San Diego County Sheriff.  The troops will work alongside law enforcement to provide security to critical infrastructures —like public buildings, courthouses and power grids — during protests to prevent looting and arson, vandalism, property destruction and business break-ins.

Thousands of people gathered yesterday evening at Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas for a paddle out to celebrate George Floyd’s life and take a stand for change. Anywhere from 3-5 thousand people took part in the powerful demonstration. Before the paddle out began there was a long moment of silence: eight minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time George Floyd was held down for before dying. X Games host and former Encinitas resident Sal Masekela recited some of Floyd’s final words during the moment of silence.After the moment of silence, surfers made their way to the ocean for the paddle out,.People held signs and surfers wrote messages on their surfboard. The City of Encinitas helped fast track a permit for the peaceful gathering where social distancing and masks were still encouraged. Lifeguards said it was the largest gathering they had ever seen without any kind of incident.

The first of several George Floyd memorial services will take place today at 11am with the Reverend Al Sharpton delivering a national eulogy from Minneapolis. There are Several ways you can watch the memorial., will cover the service from 11am-1pm our time. Fox News and CBS will air continuous coverage beginning at 11am as well.Other memorial services are set for Saturday at 3pm in North Carolina and both Monday and Tuesday afternoon in Houston.

KFC Is Getting Rid of Its Potato Wedges and People are not happy!!KFC has started getting rid of its potato wedges and replacing them with normal fries. They've been rolling out their "Secret Recipe Fries" to some stores already . . . and soon enough, they'll be in every store. And people AREN'T happy. The social media response to the end of wedges has been mostly negative. 

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