Starbucks Is Selling An Off-Menu ‘Legally Blonde’ Drink And, Yes, It's Pink

With a third Legally Blonde film on the horizon, it's not too surprising that an Elle Woods-inspired drink has landed on the Starbucks secret menu. The pink drink—of course, it's pink—is a perfect refreshment for summer. Here's everything you need to know about the latest Starbucks secret menu item.

"The Legally Blonde Drink we created for you and stuck on the Starbucks Secret Menu," @totallythebombdotcom wrote on Instagram. "Bend and snap on over to Totally The Bomb for the recipe!"

So, what does the recipe for Totally the Bomb call for? This Legally Blonde-inspired beverage includes Passionfruit Iced Tea, vanilla syrup, and heavy cream. For the full recipe and instructions on how to order this refreshing pink drink, you can head over to

If you've never ordered something off of Starbcuks' secret menu before, you'll have to remember to order this by the ingredients and not the name. Since it's not 'officially' on the menu, the majority of Starbucks baristas won't know about this latest drink craze. If you follow the ordering instructions laid out for you by @totallythebombdotcom, however, you'll have your Elle Woods-approved drink in your hands in no time.

Will you be giving this drink a try?

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