Soldier Killed by Wife 3 Months After Their Baby Was Born

Brittnay Ryals-Paonessa, 27, is accused of shooting her husband Brandyn Paonessa, 26, 3 months after their daughter was born

Brandyn, a Task Force 1-28, 3rd Infantry Division infantry soldier who did 2 tours in Afghanistan and stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia was killed with a shotgun by his wife, of 6 years, Brittnay, on his Phenix City front yard, just days after Brandyn had obtained an emergency restraining order against his wife. Paramedics tried to save Brandyn but to no avail.

Brandyn had a restraining order against his wife for stalking his family and friends. He stated that Brittnay at point drove a truck into their home, missing their other children by a few feet. He tried to get his mentally ill wife into a rehab center but she had refused.

In the past, Brandyn had been arrested for alleged violent outbursts when he caught Brittnay looking through his phone, however, all charges were dropped.

Brittnay Ryals-Paonessa is currently held on a $150,000 bond.

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