Roofing Crew Learns Gratitude From Homeless Man

A homeless man who slept on a park bench was given a job. Here's what happened next...

A group of roofers from Empire UPVC and Roofing Specialists in London noticed a man near their worksite sleeping on a park bench who appeared to be homeless. They needed an extra hand with the project, so they offered the homeless man some tea and asked if he would be able to help out with the roofing. The homeless man got up and began working right away. 

The homeless man, named John offered to help for the entire project if needed.  Immediately, the other workers noticed that John was able to work non-stop, and was usually the first to show up to work each day. They marveled at the man when it came to his work ethic.  They've never seen anyone so happy to be at work.

John asked to get paid £15 and said that it would get him through the week. He was actually paid £70 for his help with the project and was treated to a Burger King lunch by the crew. 

The crew from Empire UPVC and Roofing Specialists were moved by John's gratitude. One man mentioned that no one should be living on the streets if they're willing to work. 

When the job was completed, John said to the other roofers, "Thanks, brothers, it's the most love I've ever had."

Since the word got out about John, strangers have offered him a place to stay while he gets back on his feet. It's amazing how doing good can sometimes set a course for more good to happen.