Prince Harry Rolls Eyes During Liam Payne Performance

Prince Harry MIGHT NOT be a fan of Liam Payne

He was seen raising his eyebrows to Meghan Markle following a performance by Liam Payne. 

Liam performed a John Mayer song, "Waiting For The World To Change," at Queen Elizabeth's Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey

With only the help of a guitarist, Liam does a heartfelt performance that was straight to the point without any extra frills or stage effects. As Liam was finishing up his performance, the crowd did a soft applause, and that was when Prince Harry looked at Meghan with a silent facial exchange with a lifted eyebrow. Meghan is seen laughing at Harry's "cringe" face. Was the couple thinking of something else, not related to the performance? I guess we'll never truly know. 

The couple plan on getting married in eight weeks which will be a very anticipated wedding. 

Unfortunately, as members of the royal family, you've gotta know that there are cameras on you all the time and that you need to keep your actions reserved for when the camera is away. After all, their lives are in the public eye.