Making Happiness Happens for this SDSU grad!

Brandon is about to graduate from SDSU and is requesting one thing for his graduation, that's for us to show up at his grad party!

Listener Brandon sent this submission for Make Happiness Happens:

"Hi Kramer and Geena, My name is Brandon, I am a recent college graduate from SDSU. Today I am requesting some happiness to happen, and I think you could help. Being a Chula Vista native I have been a listener of 93.3 for several years. I look forward to your show every morning and I laugh at all the segments you do together as a family. Each of you (Kramer, Geena, Chris, C-Riz, and Jess) have your own personality that makes the show worth listening too and it beats out any other morning radio show. Believe it or not you all kept my head up through some of the toughest days at school. If I ever had a bad day I would listen to some of the uncensored podcasts and that would always get a laugh out of me.Kramer, I know you had a tough last year according to some of the details you have been able to share, and I want you to know that you a brave person by coming this far. Being in the public eye, people expect a lot out of you but its ok to be private about certain things. Geena, you have such a unique outlook on life that has kept you strong both in your personal and your professional life. You don’t let things get you down by finding ways to grow as a person. You speak like you have fire for your passions. Keep up your strong spirit, we need more people like you.Chris, congratulations on your engagement, you and your future wife look very happy together. I like how you have hobbies and you’re not afraid to defend them. I love all that sci-fi stuff too!DJ C-Riz- My dude keep grinding hard, your music is legit, your passion is real, and your commitment is fire. Be proud of all you’ve accomplished.Jess, I recently heard one of the podcasts where Kramer brought up some things from your Instagram channel where you talked about how difficult it could be figuring out who you are and what your next step is after graduation, and I completely understand where you’re coming from about school. I finished in December, but I walk this month. And these last few months I have felt the pressure of needing to be successful right out of school and its tough. I’m currently waiting on a background check that is very extensive, so I get the waiting game. I hope you get put as a radio host soon cuz you ‘re fire!With that being said, I am having a Graduation Party and it would mean so much if the crew could stop by to have a drink and eat some tacos with me. I know that typically you make happiness happen with a gift but today I am asking for something much more important, your time. If you all could make it that would be the best gift I could ever ask for."

Well not only are we going to his party but we are also taking care of his car payment for the month, thanks to our friends BATTA FULKERSON LAW GROUP!



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