Leigh Holland Became The 2nd Woman to Do The Dinnie Stone Lift

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SCOTLAND’S famous 731 lb Dinnie Stones are HEAVY!

29-year-old Leigh Holland-Keen of Australia became the 2nd woman, (the first was in 1979) to successfully lift the granite boulders called the "Dinnie Stones" in Potarch, Aberdeenshire - Scotland during an ultimate strength challenge. How hard is it to lift these stones? Let's just say most strong men are unable to lift these. 

Leigh is a registered nurse, bodybuilder, National Strongwoman champion, and comes from a family where her mom and stepdad are also both lifters. She's been focused on doing deadlifts, trap bar, and deadlift holds for the past few months and it's paid off. 

The Dinnie Stones were named after Donald Dinnie, a man who carried the stones 5m across a bridge in the 1800s. 

Another stone completed. #scotland #stonetour2018 #stonelifters #citystrength #sbd #auchernack

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A truly special moment. Jack Shanks passing on priceless history. The most amazing man I have ever met. A true gentleman with a heart of pure gold. #thedinniestones #history #legendofstonelifting

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Dinnie Stone training was a little better this week. I managed to stay conscious which helps. Super happy to get 171kg/120kg . Not long now ! #dinniestonetraining #didntpassoutthistime #strongwoman #scotland #manhoodstones

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