Kim Kardashian Almost Takes Out Kris Jenner with a Softball

Kim Kardashian nearly takes out Kris Jenner with a Softball

The Kardashians may not be the greatest when it comes to playing softball, but Kim managed to give Kris a pretty good scare on the field

Khloe Kardashian looked on as Kim threw a ball at her mom, Kris.

The girls got together to practice for an upcoming game. Kim seems a bit lost on the field as she asked questions like, "Is this the mound?"

Well, not only did she mix up first and home base, she managed to take a few swings at hitting some balls thrown by Kris.  However, when it was Kim's turn to pitch that's when things got dangerous. In fact, she hurt her wrist from the fall near home plate. 

Image via Creative Commons

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