Is another radio personality in San Diego trying to date Kramer?

Is another radio personality in San Diego trying to date Kramer? + What's the most iconic cartoon theme song?

Today we found out that another radio personality in San Diego is sliding into Kramer's DM's!!!! Is it about work or about going out with him? Find out with Kramer's Chisme!

Plus we discuss which cartoon theme song is the best And Kramer wants to pose in his underwear to ask a legit question...


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Kramer & Geena Mornings

Kramer and Geena are the hosts of San Diego's top-rated radio station, Channel 93.3 (KHTS-FM). Today's hottest music, pop-culture, celebrity gossip, and unique features like: Crazy Girl Confessions, Phone Scams, Kramer's Chisme, and Love 'Em or Leave 'Em are just some of the reasons San Diegans love this morning duo.

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Kramer & Geena Uncensored

Kramer & Geena host the morning show on Channel 93.3 FM in San Diego. They're all about being fun and upbeat, but sometimes they just need to vent. They discuss pop culture topics, relationships, dating, love, life issues, and more. Kramer & Geena Uncensored takes you behind the scenes to hear the things they can't say on the air!

*Mature content.

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