Giving this deploying military person the ultimate get away!

Giving this deploying military person the ultimate get away!

Terry reached out to Make Happiness Happen for his wife Jasmin. Terry is an an active duty Marine that’s been stationed in San Diego for the past 3 years. He’s been a Drill Instructor which is a very demanding duty, and during this time his wife Jasmine has been raising their 3 kids, all while being a full time college student at the University of Phoenix. Terry is now being sent to Japan for 2 years without his family. Before leaving he wanted to do something special for his wife that has been so selfless to him.

The two met at Camp Pendleton, Jasmine was a marine as well and while training there when they first met, they could always see Catalina island and would always dream about going together. After they got married, they could never find the time or money to make that dream trip a reality.

Terry would love to give Jasmine the weekend getaway trip she’s always wanted before he has to leave his family.

After they heard their story our friends at Catalina Island Company, reached out and have an amazing package to offer them!!!!

They are going to provide: A hotel stay, dinner for two and an excursion of choice!

There is so much to see and with the Catalina Island Company. Take flight on the zip line eco tour. Search for bison in the backcountry. See dolphins, fish and sea lions, enjoy dinner at Avalon Grille. Plan your island escape at

Check out there instagram @VisitCatalinaIsland



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