Fans Criticize Kylie Jenner's "Long" Hands on New Ad

Is Kylie Jenner's 'Hand game TOO strong'?

Kylie Jenner recently posed for S Moda magazine and shared a post on her Instagram. In the pic, Jenner has her right hand over her left shoulder while wearing a black dress. Not sure if it's a Photoshop fail or if it's just Kylie's genes... but immediately, fans on Jenner's IG account were confused and started hating on her 'hand game.'

This certainly wouldn't be the first time the Kardashians had a Photoshop fail. Who remembers that time Kourtney had an extra toe? Or how about the time Khloe lost her legs under a blanket or when Kendall lost her knee cap? Do you think Jenner's hand was 'altered' during post-production?

Her Instagram followers immediately hit her comments with replies like, "Hand game too strong," and "OMG, stop editing U phony broad!"

Whether it's her genetics or Photoshop fail, it's totally not her fault. She didn't sit there and do the Photoshop editing so for fans to blame her is just ridiculous. Do you think Jenner's hand was 'altered' during post-production?

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