Family of 4 and 2 Dogs Die In Home. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Suspected

A family of four and their 3 dogs were found dead in a Genoa Township, Ohio home. High levels of carbon monoxide were found in the house.

Richard Gabriel Reitter III, 50, his wife Jennifer, 49, their son, Richard Gabriel Reitter IV, 15, and daughter, Grace Reitter, 13 and their 3 dogs were found dead in their 5,600-square-foot ranch-style home in Genoa Township, Ohio located on the 6900 block of Lewis Center Road. They were discovered by first-responders after a concerned relative called 911. When authorities got there, they found high levels of carbon monoxide (above 1,200 parts per million... that's at least 17 times the "safe" level) in the house.

Richard, owned and operated a stucco business and has been married to his wife, Jennifer for about 18 years.

There were no carbon monoxide detectors in the home. The official cause of death is currently under investigation.

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