Disneyland Tells Governor Newsom "It Is Time" To Let Theme Parks Reopen


At a private press conference held at Disneyland, Disney Park and Resorts executives demanded that California Governor Newsom allow theme parks throughout the state to reopen. After six being closed for six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, executives say the impact has been devastating to the region's economy and the 80,000 people they employ.

The resort in Anaheim reopened its retail venue Downtown Disney in July and park officials feel that they have created a successful model for operating in a pandemic environment.

Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro also cited the fact that Walt Disney World in Orlando successfully reopened its doors to parkgoers in July, and with respect to Anaheim said, "We are ready, and more importantly… it is time." 

In a press conference on September 16, Governor Newsom alluded to an update about reopening guidelines for theme parks, saying "We will be making announcements soon as it relates to theme parks and amusement parks...making announcements soon as it relates to some areas, industries as well as sectors and putting out additional guidelines in those spaces very very shortly."

After another week of waiting, Disney officials are now demanding that the guidelines be released.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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