Did Producer Chris' Dad Ruin His Fiance's Graduation?!

Did Producer Chris' Dad Ruin His Fiance's Graduation?! + Love Em' Or Leave Em'?

Congratulations to Producer Chris' fiance Rachel for getting her masters degree! And to all the Class Of 2020 Graduates!! Over the weekend SDSU held a virtual graduation zoom call that included the graduates and their families. But! Producer Chris' Dad was on the call and might have done the most embarrassing thing ever!!

We've got another Love Em' or Leave Em' for your Monday! And this time it's all about emotionally cheating! This listener's relationship with her "work husband" is starting to get a little inappropriate...

Plus!! Just when you thought the Phone Screener Jess Sugar Baby Saga couldn't get even MORE dramatic! Phone Screener Jess was propositioned to be someone's sugar baby. After looking more into it, things kind of seemed a little fishy!! We had Geena The Latina do some more investigating and the info she just found on this guy just made this thing a whole lot messier!!

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