Daniel's WWE dreams come true!

Alice is a special needs teacher who called in to Make Happiness Happen for her student Daniel who's a huge WWE fan!

Listener Alice wants to Make Happiness Happens for one of her students. Alice is an instructional aide for a severely handicapped/medically fragile class for adults 18-22 in San Marcos. Her student Daniel had a normal childhood until he was in a tragic accident that changed his life forever. When he was in 5th grade, he got into a skateboarding accident and was hit by a car. He's now in a wheelchair and non verbal. Despite his hardships, Daniel is one of the best and most happiest people you'll ever come across. He is OBSESSED with WWE. If he's having a bad day they'll play the John Cena theme song for him and it always turns his day around. It would mean the world to him if we could give him the ultimate VIP WWE experience! 

Thank you to our friends at WWE for making Dan's ultimate WWE experience happen and thank you to our friends Batta Fulkerson Law Group for making happiness happen every week!



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