Creative Ways Millennials Are Making Extra Money

Sometimes, the money you make from your 9-5 just doesn't cut it when you're trying to go snowboarding next weekend. Economists insist that we're in an uptrend, yet, some are still finding it hard to make ends meet. 

Enter the "side hustle!" (For non-millennials, it's called a part-time job.) 

Out of all the generations, a large majority of millennials (those born in the early 1980s) are specifically looking for jobs that give them purpose. After all, they are the most college educated generation in history, yet most millennials graduated knee deep in debt. 

In the 90s, most people didn't have a $100 cell phone bill or a cable AND internet bill. Things were simpler then. Saving money wasn't as hard to do as it is today.

On the bright side, millennials are also the first generation to grow up with all of the world's knowledge at their fingertips (Google). Boredom was rare because millennials have a trove of entertainment wherever they went (YouTube, Social Media, etc.). 

Before all this technology, if you wanted to learn how to do something, you had to go to the library and dig through the Dewey-Decimal system just to find the right book with the info you wanted. If you wanted to learn a trade or skill, you had to know someone who could teach it to you. If you wanted to learn about something in the world we had to find an encyclopedia. Today, everything can be learned after doing a simple swipe on your phone. (Thanks, YouTube.)  But with great technology comes great advancements in how we do things. 

Here are a few creative side hustles that some millennials are doing for extra cash...

YouTube guru

You've seen these videos on YouTube. Chances are, you've searched for a how-to video and come across these "gurus." They give you a few tips on how to do something, but just when you think you're about to get the big answer, there's a "sign up for my course, email list, or membership" offer at the end. Sound familiar? 

Not all instructional videos lead the viewer into a sales funnel, however. Most YouTube channels get a steady stream of revenue from ads. How hard is it to do? Sometimes, all you need is your phone. Make something that someone wants to share and watch... and watch those ad $$$ flow in while you're hanging out at the beach! 

E-Books + music + blogging

Let's say being a YouTube star just isn't your thing. What are some other ways you can get your point across to the world? Well, some people are willing to pay for digital versions of books and music. Because the initial cost of publishing an e-book or song online is slim to none, some millennials are flooding the market with their own releases on Amazon, iTunes, etc.. 

Print-on-demand goods

Many millennial artists are taking their creations to the web, digitally. How do can they make money you ask? By selling print-on-demand clothing like t-shirts, and hats. Shirts with mottos, phrases, abstract art pieces have made their way into these services. Some have even expanded into the indie greeting card industry. 


Back in the day, if you wanted to sell something, you usually had to buy an ad in a local newsprint (ie: Pennysaver).  Today, millennials are becoming online resellers by buying up bulk deals and selling them online through Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc. It's the power of arbitrage selling! They find a product that's on sale for a lower price and resell it online for a higher price to pocket the profit.  The math adds up. Items can include USB cables, thrift store findings, cell phone accessories, or even jewelry. 

Online customer support and services

Got an internet connection and a decent computer at home? Some millennials are putting it to good use by becoming a part-time customer support representative using chat, email, and phone. They help to process sales, tech issues, and various other customer service inquiries. 

Some are even freelancing and doing gigs through sites like Fivver and Upwork for clients around the world. Some online contractors are using these services to do website development, social media management, and online assistance to busy individuals and earning a nice hefty income while traveling around the globe!  

Affiliate marketing

This is a modern form of marketing where people collect a commission for referring customers to products and services.  It's kinda like a sales lead if you wanna look at it that way. Some millennials have even created niche websites or YouTube videos with reviews and descriptions of products or services which usually include a link to another website where the customer can make a purchase. 

There's A LOT of competition in this space, but if you are clever in your marketing strategy, you can reap the big bucks. 

Housesitting or nanny

Some millennials are helping people around their neighborhood by watching their pets, home, children while the owners are away on a date, vacation, etc. This job is great because it takes little time away from your main job and usually pays pretty well. Homeowners and parents simply use the internet to find the perfect local person for the job. 

We're just scratching the surface here. Most millennials are experts in using the latest gadgets and technology. It's amazing that a majority of millennials know how to operate a camera efficiently. Back in the day, you had to find someone in your group who knew how to take a picture. Today, anyone with a smartphone can help with that task. It's easier to do things on a world-wide level than ever before.

No doubt, things are changing at a rapid pace than ever before in the world. I can't wait to see how our lives will change in the next 10 years as a result of this shift in technology.