Cashier Puts Robber in Chokehold and Kicks Him Out of Store

Thomas John Adam, 69, tried to rob a convenience store in Tampa, Florida but was put in a chokehold instead by the cashier

Adam tried robbing 3 businesses in one day!

The first robbery attempt was at a bank drive-thru where he told the teller to give him $100. He failed because the teller simply closed the window on him. Later he went to a Sunoco gas station and was put into a chokehold and throw outside the store (video below). If that wasn't enough, he went to Hudson Alterations and Dry Cleaning and tried to rob AGAIN. This time, he was able to make off with a few $20s and $10s.

Authorities were able to trace his black Volkswagen Jetta car parked in front of his house. He told cops that he was going to give $70 back to the dry cleaning business and that he never really had a gun.

Well, he did the crime... and he's currently booked in Pasco County Jail.

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