California Teacher on Medical Leave Must Pay for Substitute From Own Pocket

A teacher on medical leave for breast cancer has to pay out of pocket for her substitute at San Francisco school

An anonymous teacher at Glen Park Elementary School in San Francisco is on medical leave and is currently fighting breast cancer. She is currently paying for her medical bills AND for a substitute teacher to cover for her.

Teachers in California cannot draw benefits from the state disability insurance program because they don't actually pay into it instead, they get 10 paid days off for medical leave each year. To get additional days, it'll cost her $203.16 a day; thanks to a 1976 California law that substitute teachers pay will be taken from the teacher's salary. Other teachers in the district have the option of donating their free sick days to help out their colleagues.

Teachers in the San Francisco United School District make $82,024.37 a year... not including benefits.

Local parents in the area are outraged... most believe it's unfair. A GoFundMe page that was set up to help the teacher has paused... but has collected $13,000 so far.

Photo: Google Maps

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