Buy a Home in Italy for $1

A village in Ollolai, Italy is selling abandoned homes for about $1.20 USD

A little village named Ollolai, whose name is from an ancient battle cry of “alale,” in the mountainous region of Barbagia, located on the island of Sardinia is offloading a bunch of abandoned homes for about $1. It's got everything from beautiful landscapes and deep-rooted history to help seal the deal for would-be residents. 

The village, with friendly citizens, great food, clean air and beautiful views, is becoming a ghost town. Most of their population of 2,250 have gone to bigger cities or simply passed away. Currently, the population is around 1,300. 

Note: the homes "may" need a little TLC since these pads are in poor condition and homeowners must promise to fix them up.  The estimated cost to bring these homes up to code is about $25,000 USD. 

You'll find piazzas covered in murals and charming alleyways in the town. With all this open land, you'll also find a few shepherds who produce Casu Fiore Sardo (sheep cheese) and woven goods.

The mayor, Efisio Arbau, hopes that the new residents of the peaceful town would help to revive the local economy and bring new jobs with it. 

Oh by the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an honorary citizen of Ollolai