Boy Helps 10-year-old Sister Escape from Carjacker

Chance Weaver unbuckled his 10-year-old sister Skylar's seatbelt and told her to run after he realized that Dalvir Singh, 24, had gotten into their vehicle and was about to drive off with them in it.

On April 29, 2019, Chance and Skylar knew something was wrong when a 24-year-old man got into their great aunt's car at Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, Ohio, and told Chance to get out, while holding Skylar's hoodie so that she couldn't leave as he was about to drive off. Thanks to his quick thinking, Chance unbuckled his sister Skylar's seatbelt and told her to jump out of the car.

Singh, an alleged heroin addict, was arrested about 15 minutes after he drove off from Atrium Medical Center and was charged with 2 counts of kidnapping, felonious assault, and grand theft.

When Chance and Skylar appeared on the Steve Wilcos Show, it was revealed that their biological mothers were drug addicts. Their great-aunt gained custody of the children after their great-grandmother had passed away.

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