Selfies That Prove You May Be a Narcissist

If your phone camera is in selfie mode right now, chances are you may have broken some of these selfie etiquettes at one time or another.

Sure, we're ALL guilty of taking a few selfies to show off that new haircut, outfit, manicure, or new lipstick color, but let's be honest here... you want attention. You're waiting to see who LIKES or RTs your post in the first few minutes of posting it.

Just 10 years ago, taking a picture of yourself can be seen as being narcissistic, but today, it's completely normal.  Look, it's totally OK to love yourself. After all, we should be! If you don't promote yourself, who will? 

But let's review a few types of selfies that may prove that you're an attention seeking narcissist. 

Try not to roll your eyes...

Toilet selfies

This one goes without saying, but we're gonna have to say it anyway. Sure, the lighting might be good in the bathroom, and you're just sitting there doing nothing. Maybe you actually look good doing it, but there's a reason why the door is closed behind you when you're doing this. It's called privacy. Let's keep it that way. 

Driving Selfies

You're driving in traffic, but you all of a sudden have the urge to turn on your camera (while your other hand is on the wheel) and take a "driving" selfie. Look, you're not the only person on the road. Sometimes, you have to take into consideration the lives of OTHERS too! What about that red light you just missed because you were busy taking your pic? Is your selfie worth getting into an accident over? Save it for when you're parked. 

Gym/Workout Selfies

That's awesome that you just had an amazing workout. You're sweating, you're looking at your biceps in the mirror. That pic just translates to: "I want you to feel bad that you're not working out today." Others will see it as, "This person looks like a tool."

Pet Selfies

Your pet is really cute and most would agree with you on this. We're talking about the ones who film themselves in the same shot while their pet's eating, sleeping, pooping - just STOP. Let your pet sleep. 

Accident/Disaster Selfies

We get it, you just survived a plane crash, car accident, or simply witnessed one... but PLEASE don't use this opportunity for a photo op! It just makes you look really insensitive to the situation. Remember, this doesn't apply when taking pictures for evidence, etc., just the SELFIE part. #RIP #DAMN #OhLookAtMe

Sexy Selfies

You know what we're talking about here: duck faces, (really tight) clothing, the "Hi, I just woke up" pic while flashing some cleavage. 

Sleeping Selfies

Look how cute you are sleeping next to your baby, pet, or bae.  But wait, if you're sleeping, WHO is taking the picture? You? Quit with the fake sleeping selfies! Just get a ceiling mirror if you want to see yourself sleeping. 

Funeral Selfies

Everyone deals with death differently. Yes, there are really beautiful flowers next to you and you're wearing really nice black clothing. Some smile, some cry, some don't say anything at all, and some like to take selfies with the resting relative or friend. It's depressing enough knowing that a loved one has passed away, it's almost as depressing to know that someone wants to disrespect the said loved one with a final selfie. Let them rest in peace, not for eternity on the Internet for all to see.

Doctor Visit or Hospital Selfies

Having to go to the doctor or hospital is already stressful enough, but let's not make everyone else share that same moment. We get it, you look great in your hospital gown. Your hair is good, your make up is on, but don't forget to hashtag your visit with #iJustGaveBirth #meds #dr #ER #ImInTheHospitalAndINeedAttentionBad

Sex or PDA Selfies

We get it. You two just had an amazing night out, saw a really cool movie and kissed like Lady and Tramp during dinner, but there's really no need to show the world your "nightcap" with a picture in bed, the sheets pulled halfway up and your hair all frazzled. The only LIKES you're going to attract are the ones from creepers.