Did Price Scare Away iPhone X Buyers?

Apple has limited their orders for iPhone X components

According to a Nikkei report and the Wall Street Journal, the smartphone producer plans on cutting its first-quarter production of the iPhone X.  The new figures are estimated to drop to about 20 million units. Apple shares dropped 1% following the news.

This is standard practice when demand for a product starts to dwindle. Back in September 2017, the iPhone X was Apple's flagship product at $1000. That was also the highest price ever tacked on an iPhone. The phone featured a Face ID camera and all glass build. 

What happened? Was it the $1000 price tag that scared away would-be buyers? Most who had the money to spend already owned an iPhone. Was it the fragile all glass build? Videos of people dropping and breaking their iPhone Xs hit the web as soon as they unboxed their units last year. 

If iPhone X prices ever drop would you consider buying one?