Apple CEO Believes Kids Shouldn't Be on Social Media

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, doesn't think kids should be using social media. Here's why...

Every time there's a get-together, friends and family are on it. Babies and children prefer it over their pacifiers. You're driving and hear a notification on your phone... you reach for it. 

On Friday, Cook celebrated the launch of Apple's new Everyone Can Code program in London.  While there, he had a chat with a few students where he mentioned that he didn't like how children were using social media technology excessively. 

He talked about how he has a nephew that he does not allow on any social networks. He also mentioned during an MIT graduation ceremony in 2017 that social media can be "a place where basic rules of decency are suspended and pettiness and negativity thrive."

He believes that getting involved in trivial moments online, worry about what strangers think, online trolls and more can be dangerous. 

Cook also warned students about the dangers of getting caught up in the trivial moments, online trolls and worrying too much about what others think.

"Measure your impact on humanity not in likes, but in the lives you touch; not in popularity, but in the people you serve," says Cook.

He believes that some of these tools can be used to divide and manipulate people during a feature on NBC's Nightly News with Lester Holt in 2017.

He believes in balance. After his speech at the Everyone Can Code event, each student got an iPad. 

"I don't believe in overuse [of technology]. I'm not a person that says we've achieved success if you're using it all the time," Cook said. "I don't subscribe to that at all."

He believes technology should mainly be used in tech-based courses, like design. 

"There are are still concepts that you want to talk about and understand. In a course on literature, do I think you should use technology a lot? Probably not,"

Are you addicted to technology? How will technology transform humankind in next few decades?