Amazon's Alexa Is About to Speak Spanish


Amazon's AI assistant, Alexa, will soon be able to speak Spanish

"Hola, Alexa!"

Pretty soon, Spanish speakers in the United States will be able to communicate in Spanish with their Alexa device. So far, Spanish has only been rolled out on Alexa devices in Spain. App and skill developers for Alexa got a message that the company will soon include Spanish in Alexa's skillset. So far, Google and Siri are ahead when it comes to multi-language support. Google currently supports over 30 languages. Siri supports 21 languages. Microsoft's Cortana speaks 8 languages, respectively.

The new feature is slated to be rolled out sometime later this year.

Photo: Amazon's Echo Spot device powered by its Alexa digital assistant is seen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 11, 2019. (Photo by ROBERT LEVER/AFP/Getty Images)

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