8 year old Pacey has had a rough year - Make Happiness Happen

8 year old Pacey has had a rough year and he is using baseball to help through it!

Listener Tyra reached out to Make Happiness Happen for her 8 year old son Pacey. They have been through a lot this past year. Tyra, her husband, along with Pacey and his 2 year-old brother had to move from Ohio to San Diego a year ago due to finding out that Tyra’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pacey has had a difficult time adjusting and leaving all his family and friends behind. He has trouble with issues with speech and his reading is not up to par with the rest of his class, so Pacey has been getting bullied at school. With everything that is going on, Pacey has found a new love for baseball and this has helped him make some new friends! Once the Padres heard about his story they reached out and wanted to help make some Happiness Happen!

Thanks to our friends at BATTA FULKERSON LAW GROUP for helping us put this together.



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